Guided by Ignorance and Curiosity

After many false starts, several trips down meandering rabbit trails, and making things unnecessarily over complicated the White Wine infographic is finally complete!  I wasn’t sure this infographic was going to come together.  I do not come to the infographic-making-table with prior expertise about what I create.  Generally I come to the table because I know so little about a subject and want to learn more.  The joy of these infographic projects is that I am truly guided by my ignorance and curiosity.

My process is this: I look around at the world and find things that I’d like to learn more about that seem complicated or obtuse.  Then I go out and study that subject until I find a pattern of information that appears to be useful and simplify what appeared to be complicated or obtuse.  Then I try to find a way to visually present that information in a manner that I hope will be useful to other people.

There is so much information available about wine that the challenge is not finding information to study, but extracting pertinent information to study.  The fields of Viticulture and Enology are incredibly rich and full, but when it comes down to helping regular people finding a nice bottle of wine for dinner they aren’t much help.  Viticulture and Enology are wonderful for answering questions about soils, climate, wine making processes, grapes, sugars, and fermentation, but they are an unwieldy tool when answering “What is a spicy dry white wine that isn’t too acidic?” (Answer: Try Gruner Veltliner).

By no means is the White Wine infographic a definitive work.  There are many wines that I did not explore and flavors that appeared less frequently, such as Quince, so they didn’t make it onto the flavor wheel.  My apologies to Vanilla.  I probably should have included Vanilla, but it came down to Butterscotch versus Vanilla.  On the particular day I had to choose, Butterscotch won. I hope that you find the White Wine infographic, 20 White Wines in 20 Flavors, to be a helpful tool for your enjoyment of wine.




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